Does Matt Ogus Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

What do you think?

Do modern “aesthetic crews” are natural?

All of their physiques are naturally possible or they are on some serious juices.

We all know very well that the drug use is common from old-school bodybuilding as you hear the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane.

In the social media, everyone is going to focus on the genetics, diet, and workout. Nobody, talk about the steroids

Zyzz was very well known for the steroid practice, he did not run any high doses in the steroid cycle, but something going wrong enough because he died in his early twenties.

Something happens to Dallas McCarver at a very young age, even his steroid cycle is called as Death Cycle.

The same thing happens to Matthew that the steroid rumors are becoming spread.

So what is true?

Full name is Matthew Ogus AKA “ Flex For All”. Matt was known as a popular internet star.

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Matt started the posting videos on the internet in the year 2011 related to “how to work out”

Through his journey towards fitness, he became leading bodybuilder in all over the world.

When he began uploading some video of workout on YouTube, his dry and shredded physique has gained over half million of followers on Instagram.

As a result of having a more shredded physique, he becomes sponsored athlete for GymShark.

I think Matt can get the physique similar to Helmut Strebl and body fat percentage around 5%.

He just reduces 5% of body fat and becomes insanely dry.

Matt Ogus Statistics:

  • Matt Ogus weight: 155-193lbs (70-88 kg)
  • Off-season weight: 193lbs (88kg)
  • Competition weight: 155lbs (70kg)
  • Matt Ogus height: 5’7’’ (170cm)
  • Matt Ogus age: 27-years-old
  • Body fat: 10-11%

Does Matt really use the steroids for building up his physique?

No Claims:

Matt in his social media puts the description that he is natural. He never said directly that he had taken drugs.

Because he replied to his fans frequently, Thus, some people think that it dodging the question.

In first April 2016, he put the status on Instagram that I take steroids”.

Later on, he revealed that he was only joking.

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Despite this statement, his dog name is Tren Ogus (Tren is an anabolic steroid)

If he was a natural bodybuilder, so why he called his pet by this name.

  • Gain Timeline:

Matt started the training since he was only 15 years old and studied in high school.

Fortunately, I learned a lot and the basics and developed strength.

The results are amazing due to the newbie gains.

We all know very well that the newbie gains are huge or maximum when first start lifting weights.

There are many best fat burners but it comes with many danger side effects of Phentermine that cause many diseases.

Some of them are experiencing more lbs after newbie gain due to genetic freak.

The range of gaining newbie is approximately 20lbs if this range is exceeded, so it means that he probably uses steroids.

Matt Ogus has gained the 50lbs of muscle in just only 4 years of the time period.

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Generally, this amount of muscle can easily gain by the use of steroids and hard for natural bodybuilders.

His transformation videos are uploaded to the YouTube channel within five years captioned with 100% natural.

Moreover, his weight ranges, high in the off-season.

The gaining is awesome as six pack Abs appear vrey lean.

Signs Of Physical Evidence

  • Extremely Dry Physique:

I have observed that there are a lot of shredded guys are working.

Matt Ogus is developing such a shredded or dry appearance to a unique level.

The shredded and dry look is a result of less water retention in the body.

  • Changes In Facial Structures:

The steroids and HGH may work as to increase the muscle tissue and changes in a facial structure such as “steroid jaw”.

The steroid jaw is defined as the more widen the jaws with permanent jaw-line and more masculine appearance.

The face looks more bloated also called a moon face.

  • Half Natty:

Matt has started his company with this name “Half natty”.

This term may use when someone has done the steroid practice in past and not yet.

He said in one of the product pages that, Goal for average is natural, but the goal for the master is “Half natty”

  • 3D Look:

Extreme muscle is a sign of anabolic steroid practice and called as 3D photoshop look.

Matt Ogus Workout Plan:

He maintains his size and frame over the years due to the hypertrophy style training.

Matt usually prefers the lifting of heavier weight rather than other methods.

The lifting of heavier weight is responsible for developing the endurance as well as strength.

This exercise gives him a well balanced, aesthetic, bigger size and massive strength.

The rep ranges depend upon the many conditions such as lifting type.

The heavy squats are performed by low reps.

Monday is designed to target The Lower Body By Deadlift, Wednesday For Upper Body By Bench Press, Friday For The Lower Body By Squat, Sunday For The Upper Body By Military Press.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are rest days.

He has three favorite exercises:

  • Dead-lift
  • Bench press
  • Squat

These exercises are helpful for developing the strength and power.

Matt Ogus Diet:

Matthew likes to count the macros.

By following the macro count, he monitors the changes in his body.

This method helps him to stay healthy and lean over the year.

Learn here how to count macro for staying healthy and fit.

Commonly, the diet is consists of the 250 grams of carbohydrates, 225 grams of protein and 50 grams of fat.

The daily diet is consists of 4 meals per day.

Supplements:  Matt supplement stack is very basic as it consists of 5 grams of creatine per day, fish oils, multivitamin and protein powder.

My source of motivation comes from the support and love of people that are around me.

Matt Ogus Steroids:

According to his physical appearance, Matt probably takes the Trenbolone

Trenbolone can give you the physique like 3D shoulders, steroid jaw, dryness, and gained the muscle around 30-50lbs.


The overall assumption is based on evidence. We do not know the actual situation.

According to the evidence, It seems that he could take anabolic steroids.

You can see a Matt gain timeline which has attained in only five years.

All of the physical evidence is matched to the signs of steroid use.

Maybe, Matt did not admit the steroid use because he does not want to affect the natural bodybuilding negatively.

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